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Bye America.
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Candid shot by my main man Micah.
Anonymous said: I only follow this blog for the occasional selfie, because your hair is a glorious thing and should be admired.

Hahaha!! Why do I even write…

Anonymous said: I want to reblog your post but it has 69 notes and I just can't. Ahh

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we all go the sameit’s a matter of timeaccept you’re insaneand things start to rhyme
"I would say let’s be young forever, but forever ended in her uncle’s bedroom with the lights low, or the night mom left— at different times for everyone, but it always ends." - forever never lasts long | Derek Deyling
"You and I were born into a world
full of places to escape to,
an infinity of doors
into a forever of rooms
wherein sit strangers
who might understand." - lets not keep them waiting | Derek Deyling
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Here it is so
I hope you like it and thanks for letting me use your poem (:

I forgot to post this, but here is a rad picture Arwa drew to accompany something I wrote. Pretty sweet.
(Don’t ask me why her tumblr has no posts… it’s a mystery. Her instagram under the same name is full of killer art though.)
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-Irvine, CA (04/09/14)
"In a library of all places
against a wall of words and books
exploring skin like scholars
hoping no one comes and looks." - the restricted section | Derek Deyling
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Penmanship Poetry #71
"I don’t think your eyes have ever looked surprised”
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Handwritten Love Notes #35
"Honey, it never stops"


Last night had a tumblr meet up with the one and only, thedbldee!

All we did was sit at the bus stop and talk but I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s an incredible person. I’m extremely fortunate to have met him. I’m also very proud of him. I can also say that I am so grateful he’s chosen to have me be apart of his life.

Wherever it is that life takes him I know he’ll succeed. Such a rad night.Thanks for being my friend. :)

This happened. This was awesome. Putting a flesh and blood person to an online friend is such a cool experience.

You’re a gem, Savannah. Thanks for letting me spend time with you!

Anonymous said: I wanna talk to you and for us to be friends, but I'm afraid you'll think I suck and that I'm ugly. and I'm creepy for lurking on your blog

I don’t give a single fuck how attractive you think you are/aren’t. Self-perception is always flawed, and I know you are a diamond in your own way, in every way, despite what you may feel about yourself.

Talk to me or don’t. Creep guiltily or without shame. You’re welcome to either option.

"Summer nights are dimly lit balconies and sprawling restlessness, when a walk to the seaside feels like coming home, and youthful dreams come to life on a grand scale. Nothing ever goes wrong in Summer, when a person can have their heart broken one hundred times and still fall in love all over again, before Fall comes to sweep up the disregarded pieces." - "a quickening in the air" | Derek Deyling
Derek from California. Click on "My Notebook" to read my writing.