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you’ve been tossing in your sleep every night since 2003
It’s me again.
You’re probably still at work.
This is the last time, I promise.
I apologize for all of it, for the cold sheets I left you in,
for the lazy liquor Sundays and their two-faced church pew
forgiving beginnings.
I know now that I fucked up everything, starting with the syllables of your last name and ending with your opinion on love.
And maybe the stars do sometimes align when you least expect it— in the right place, at the right time,
but not for us.
I apologize if it sounds like I’m choking, it’s from punching my own stomach in attempted relief for the knot formed by your voice over the machine.
I should never have gone, but now I should go, I never thought you would leave but now I’ll leave you alone.
Lately I hate my own bed but you probably do too, been feeling homeless in my head because my home was with you." - please leave a message after she’s gone | Derek Deyling
Anonymous said: How tall are you?

1.87 meters.

6 ft 2 in.

.00113 miles tall.

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✿ pale/glow. following back similar. ✿

Blog filled with depressing posts ->  </3 

lolololol ^^^
Anonymous said: Chin up buttercup. You still write rather well. 💛🌸💛🌸

Don’t trip chocolate chip. Thank you though.

Anonymous said: Do you think you could write poetry for me if I come off anon?

Everything I write is for you.

And the well-being of my own soul.

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Handwritten Love Notes #9
The Scientific Method 
Anonymous said: Do you miss how things were

I miss 2nd grade when my life consisted of playing with Legos, acing spelling tests, eating PB&Js, and chasing girls I liked around the playground.

Anonymous said: Would you mind telling us who your favorite bloggers (not blogs) are please :)

I got so many of these demanding a list, but you asked nicely so here’s a few of the cool kids:












"a man alone on a park bench looks lonely or in love. waiting or wasted. expectant or expunged.
a bride cries and the tears are cherished. everyone assumes it is happiness.
a person jumps off a thirteen story building. deeply depressed. or the weather felt nice enough to fly in.
a man dies serving his country. a hero.
a man dies serving his country. a villain.
a girl cuts her hair short and they gasp and wonder. maybe her neck got tired.
a smile at the dinner table and everything’s peachy.
a simple ‘I’m fine’ and they leave you alone.
she sleeps around, she’s a whore.
he sleeps around, what’s his score?
you’re young and naive.
you’re old and outdated.
we all know what’s best for everyone else.
we all know nothing." - assumptions and perspective | Derek Deyling (via thedbldee)
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Handwritten Love Notes #13
I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel.  My body’s cold, my guts are twisted steel.

hey… I have that one.

I forgot I gave that to you! That’s wild.
Anonymous said: Would you read someone's poetry if they asked you to?

Yeah, I’d love to. Please let me.

I’m harsh though, but don’t take it personally.

Anonymous said: Do you respond to personal messages from followers?

Of course. Although lately I’ve been shit at it.

Don’t lose heart, I’ll get to them. I prefer private messages as a matter of fact.

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Dear Friends,
My new book of comics is out on amazon now and I am super happy about it. Working hard has been a real help in the daily battles against depression and I encourage you to try to make new things if you can!
Any help getting the word out is always appreciated. It’s not easy being a guy who makes books for money. Reposts, blogging, heads up on people I should hassle to interview me are all super appreciated.
I love you,
Mike King
P.s.- You can find a link to it at

Mike draws the coolest comics. His new book looks so good!
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Handwritten Love Notes #13
I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel.  My body’s cold, my guts are twisted steel.
Derek from California. Click on "My Notebook" to read my writing.