"When did happy
ever afters
take to hiding
in old
When did Lost
Boys hang their
dreams up
next to business
suits on
hooks?" - "neverland, never again" | Derek Deyling
Anonymous said: Stop writing so well. Stooooppp (JK DON'T)

What do you want from me???

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Penmanship Poetry #68
"Clocks have hands that turn to fists”
Anonymous said: i am glad that this fleeting moment of happiness has found itself in your life because you really do deserve a whole lot of it.

So kind. Please accept these dead flowers as my expression of thanks and appreciation.

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Penmanship Poetry #23
"A beautiful night to bleed out"

My handwriting game was on point, once upon a time.
Anonymous said: So does this mean there's a special woman in your life?

Yes. Her name is Sylvia. 

Sylvia Plath. She gets me.


I live by these three truths— life is good, people are flawed, and the earth is made for exploration and wonder.

" -

all I know | Derek Deyling

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"bare bone skeleton with a nervous twitch"

A while ago, on a day exactly like this one, I wrote about how scared I am of happiness.

It’s been six months since then, and on this identical afternoon I felt my heart swell with a happiness I have never experienced before. I still can’t explain what being happy looks like, but it feels absolutely brilliant, even if there’s a chance it might be gone by this time tomorrow.

Watching a woman sleep can get you scared.

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Penmanship Poetry #67
"God, I don’t know"
Anonymous said: Do you feel that buxom women are attractive in the slightest?

Hell yeah. A girl absolutely doesn’t have to be skinny for me to find her attractive.

Anonymous said: Whatcha look like?

Like dis.

Anonymous said: are you bashful?



Anonymous said: You're mine. -M

I’ll always be yours, Mom.

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