Anonymous said: I love him, but his first love, greatest dream, and biggest goal in life all revolves around soccer. does it make me used or a pushover if I stay and allow it to be that way? I should encourage him to follow his dreams, right?

Depends, is he shit at soccer?

I mean let’s be honest here.

Anonymous said: When was your last relationship?

1963. She killed herself.

I still miss you Sylvia.

"Soft go your eyes and the atoms still, there’s a roller coaster drop and you’re weightless. Sigh once and forever, feel the ease of release while the tendons go loose like shoe laces. That pounding pumps silent and the ringing is gone, what you tried to forget is forgotten. No white light or tunnels, not a tear if you tried, grey unfolds to grey and it doesn’t hurt anymore." - there’s nothing quite like it | Derek Deyling
"You’re not on T.V. Not everyone is looking at you, and judging what you say or do. Wear your skin like it is the rarest brand of clothing. Speak your words like they are worth being said." - your hair is fine, love | Derek Deyling
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Me and my friends do this sometimes…
Anonymous said: I can feel your fingertips trailing against the curve of my ribs and hips. Perhaps it's because I wish to feel your pale skin beneath my cherry red lips. Let me crawl my way into your heart. I'll do my best not to tear it apart. Let me love you against red brick walls. Let my love you in the black ink that I stare at as you write on me. Your words soothe me. Let me soothe you as well dear. I promise I'll take good care of every inch of you.


Damn, nicely put. Whew.

Anonymous said: I miss you...


Try to not.

Anonymous said: To be honest I cant fall asleep and I wish you were cutting off the circulation in my arm

lol no you don’t.

Anonymous said: I saw pictures of you genuinely smiling and looking carefree. I hope you always stay that way and I wish I could make you smile that brightly.

That’s very, very nice of you to say.

You could. I smile pretty easily.

"Hoping that I made the right choices,
drearily dreaming of all possible pasts.
Perhaps had I passed on that tea and had coffee
the waitress might have asked me
“Sugar or cream?”
and I’d be in love." - a million finish lines i’m afraid to cross | Derek Deyling
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Man I miss this trip.
Anonymous said: What do you think about when you can't sleep at night?

Honestly, I think of romantic shit, song lyrics, and all the things I ought to be doing with my life.

Anonymous said: Who are some of your biggest fans? :-)

Lately Beyonce has been reblogging a lot of my stuff, so…

Probably Beyonce and Blue Ivy. I get a lot of Asks from them wanting selfies.

"Ordinary, immodest me
pondering the paradox of
some parallel universe
where it doesn’t hurt
to be away
from the other half of your heart." - a world where Icarus catches the sun | Derek Deyling
Anonymous said: Do you believe in true love?

Tell me, when was the last time you had a blueberry scone?

It exists.

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