People I’d like to have coffee with…




Anthea fly over here so we can get coffee with Daisy.

"There is a moth in your closet and it’s stealing my air. Quietly,
cloaked in coats.
I’m not looking, I only wanted to be close.
You store your toothbrush bristles down. How interesting.
From the mouth of the faucet I watch you wash your hands clean of rough skin, not yours. There’s nothing softer.
You undress stressed like a flower losing petals.
I’m starting to think I shouldn’t be here.
From the coffee mug counter the kitchen looks clean
but for the wine bottled table,
two plates in the sink,
candle wax… relax.
Four eggs break and I am the cheap pan reddening.
You only ever touch me with plastic.
Dance up the stairs and I’ll creak from the weight. I’m ashamed,
I tried to trip you.
Slam the door. How I hate to be the handle, but
your hand felt nice.
He must be hungry." - I spent a day as your house, now I want to go home | Derek Deyling
Anonymous said: Any tips on how to psych yourself up to ask someone out?

Listen to your favorite band really loud while pacing your room/school bathroom/favorite wooded glen, reminding yourself of the fact that you’re a fucking stud/babe who has a chance with anyone, while simultaneously drilling the thought into your head that the seemingly unattainable subject of your affection is just as human as you are, is just a girl or a boy who gets just as nervous/anxious as you, and would probably blush or be shocked and thrilled and mumble and stutter if you asked them. So ask them. Do it.

Seriously— do it. The chance of them awkwardly saying, “No… sorry,” and you walking away feeling embarrassed but proud is a much better alternative than you hating yourself for never asking. Trust me. I’ve done both.

"The sun rose sprinting towards someday, and I am only just now catching up.
Sunday brought overripe peaches and virgin mimosas, and I fucked a stranger again.
Somewhere there are a lot of fathers crying in cold churches— hung heads, tie nooses,
and abuse is all too real.
Somehow before dinner you’ll manage to fall in love with the dagger slyly placed beside the dessert plate, and it will cut you
cherry red, tart so sweetly.
Sometimes it hurts, and you like it.
Sometimes it doesn’t hurt, and you go to sleep scared.
Every time you bleed, and the blood keeps bleeding
and the blood gets bloodier, and its pretty to look at.
For a long time I thought there was something wrong
until the wrong felt right,
until the dark looked bright,
so I turned the lights off and licked my fingers clean." - When Everything Tastes Good But Nothing Is Filling | Derek Deyling
Anonymous said: Could you post similar songs to Broods - Mother & Father please? I think I'm head over heels in love with that song.

Oh, oh, oh. Gladly. I’m really into female vocals right now, so I have to recommend:

  • Hospitality
  • Chairlift
  • Cults
  • Tennis
  • Princess Chelsea
  • Stealing Sheep
  • Lucius
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Penmanship Poetry #37
"You won’t leave me"
Anonymous said: The self obsession is taking over. Cut the crap and be real. I've seen the mask you wear.

You… you literally do not know me. Don’t kid yourself.

The last mask I wore was for my Zorro costume in 2nd grade, but that’s another thing you don’t have a clue about.

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Penmanship Poetry #27
"11:59. She held her breath"

Pry my tongue from the roof of my mouth, it might
as well be glued there,
hell, I’m in a funny mood where I see purple and
blue in every place my eyes
unwisely gaze.
I was born a brick with more cracks than I can count,
lying on my back for kicks while the girls talk all about
So I waited,
and my thirst was satiated by the thirst that
I would be the first to die, not her.

Parched heart death march, mid-March until forever
I am never not thinking of you.

" - "the furthest corner of the pool" | Derek Deyling (via thedbldee)
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Penmanship Poetry #38
"I picked myself up and walked home wiser"
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Penmanship Poetry #18
'Synthetic photosynthesis”
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