everything is boring and my eyes always hurt.

"I drank my way into your bed,
and slept my way into regret
then I woke up and you were smiling,
now I don’t know what I want anymore." - it’s too goddamn easy to fall in love | Derek Deyling

Child of the moon,

wrap night ‘round you
like you’re bound to
be a mystery
he can’t unweave

and the morning
won’t find you

" - they’re out to steal your moonlight | Derek Deyling
Anonymous said: Why'd you delete the "kissed strangers but i think i'm ready to kiss the next person for the next fifty" poem?

Because I’m not sure that I meant it.

And I don’t want to write things that I don’t actually feel. That piece isn’t true for me right now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be true for someone.

"I was born a handkerchief, used to dry another’s eyes then crumpled into a pocket to wait damp and cold for later." - lies we choose to believe as true | Derek Deyling
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"Where else to go?"/RLD

So good.

Everything seems so simple when you’re drunk. There’s a sugary crystal haze over it all.

It’s quite nice.

Seeing people’s behavior when they meet celebrities is genuinely terrifying.

Anonymous said: Hi there! I know you probably don't do prompts or whatever but you should please write a little poem with the last lines being "most cannibal jokes aren't in good taste anyways." I'm just curious as to how you'd take it

When I met your parents it all went bad
after I told your father the best meal I’ve had
was not your mother’s chicken innards
but his daughter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
mom choked on the peas, your brother stared
father wiped his mouth, with temper flared
"Now son," he growled, "be careful what you say
most cannibal jokes aren’t in good taste anyway.”

"Close your mouth.
I wrote you a fairytale and you made me the villain.
Alright, you might be cursed,
but it’s not because I didn’t fit into the suit of
shining armor you imagined I’d wear.
Heroes always have help,
but don’t you dare bring up magic.
The taxi I rode home alone last night never changed into a carriage.
Did you expect a glowing godmother to appear?
Did you expect an enchanted wand to wave our issues under the rug?
Someone cleans those things you know,
and they’re tired of picking up after pampered princesses.
And so am I." - "no I don’t know where your fucking glass slipper is" | Derek Deyling
"Those ripe plum bruises don’t mean he loves you. Closeness doesn’t have to hurt." - I’ll say it again… | Derek Deyling
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